A Conversation with Patrick

Raised in New York, the son of a famed travel journalist father and fashion model mother, Patrick Sutton’s unique background has exposed him to a world of elegance, romance and luxury few have had the opportunity to experience. These extensive travels have left him with a vast and vivid memory of the worlds most beautiful places and elegant settings. This history, coupled with his studies and training as an architect have shaped his process of design as creating a complete experience, unifying the clarity and structure of architecture with the romance and detail of the decorative arts.

Meet Our Staff

Staff: Patrick Sutton

Patrick Sutton


Staff: Becky Dormady

Becky Dormady

Senior Associate

Staff: Sharon Santos

Sharon Santos

Project Architect

Staff: Stacy Prather Connelly

Stacy Prather Connelly

Senior Designer

Staff: Angel Fischer

Angel Fischer

Senior Designer

Staff: Alli Oroski

Alli Oroski

Senior Designer

Staff: Antonia Miller

Antonia Miller

Interior Architectural Designer

Staff: Ashley Hare

Ashley Hare


Staff: Rachel Pohlner

Rachel Pohlner


Staff: Emily Connors

Emily Connors

Design Assistant

Staff: Mary Dunn

Mary Dunn

Junior Designer

Staff: Debra Potter

Debra Potter

Business Manager

Staff: Emily Ward

Emily Ward

Office Manager/Personal Assistant